Note: some rolls may contain  raw  fish eggs.  (Masago/Tobiko)


(V) Asparagus Roll 5.45


(V) Avocado Roll 5.75


California crab & avocado roll  6.75


Crawfish Roll Spicy crawfish salad & cucumber roll  7.75


Creamy crab & avocado roll with spicy mayo & slightly seared.  Topped with tobiko & masago 7.75


Crispy Bagel Roll Smoked salmon, avocado & cream cheese.  Lightly battered & fried. Topped with spicy mayo 10 .45


Crispy California crab & avocado roll tempura fried. Topped with spicy mayo 7.75


Crystal Bubba Roll Shrimp tempura, crab, lettuce, avocado, asparagus, cucumber & carrots.  Rolled inside rice paper and topped w/mayo & eel sauce 10.95


Dancing Eel Crab & avocado roll topped with eel & eel sauce  12.95


Garden Roll Avocado, asparagus, cucumber, carrots & Inari tofu 8.75


Hornets Tempura lobster & cucumber roll. Topped with masago & caviar  11.45


Kani Maki snow crab salad roll 8.95


Kanikama Maki Crab roll  6.45


(V) Kappa Maki cucumber roll 4.75


Lava Crab and avocado roll. Topped with chopped fried soft shell crab mixed with lava sauce  11.95


Lobster Roll  Lobster tempura & cucumber. Topped with tobiko  22.95


New York Roll  Crab & mango roll  6.75


Queen Roll Chopped yellowtail, salmon, tuna & scallions. Topped with masago 9.75


Rock-N-Roll Grilled eel & avocado  7.95


Shrimp Tempura Roll fried shrimp  6.75


Shrimp with Cucumber Roll  6.75


South Park Shrimp, snow crab salad & cucumber roll 8.75


Spicy Katsu Chicken Roll  7.95


Spider Roll Fried soft shell crab with cucumber & carrots. Topped with masago  10.95


Super Crunch Roll Shrimp tempura, cucumber & avocado. Topped with masago 9.75


Surf and Turf Grilled beef & shrimp tempura roll. Topped with avocado & spicy mayo 11.95


(V) Tempura Sweet Potato Roll 5.45


(V) Tempura Veggie Roll Green peppers, red peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli, zucchini & mushrooms 6.75


Teriyaki Tuna Roll  6.75


UNCC Roll - Shrimp tempura, cream cheese. Topped with avocado & sushi shrimp 10.75


Yellow Submarine Eel & shrimp tempura roll.  Topped with mango & eel sauce 12.95