Noodle Bowls


Yaki Style Traditional stir-fried Noodle

Any Style Noodle with chicken broth and Scallions


Toppings (Pick one) :

Note: all noodle bowls have red & green peppers, onions, scallions, carrots & zucchini.

(V) Veggies in addition to above veggies also included are broccoli & mushroom. 

 Steamed, sautéed or tempura 9.45

Portobello Mushrooms Grilled, Sautéed or Tempura 9.45

(V) Tofu Grilled, tempura or Katsu 9.45

Chicken Grilled, Sautéed, Tempura or Katsu 10.95

*Beef Thin sliced beef Grilled or Sautéed 12.45

Shrimp Grilled, Tempura, Katsu or Sautéed 12.45









Glass – Potato & corn noodles

Ramen – Thin spaghetti style wheat noodles

Udon – Thick wheat floured noodles

Soba – Buckwheat floured noodles