(V) Steamed Edamame
Small 2.95
(V) Steamed Edamame
Large 4.95
(V) Sautéed Spicy
Edamame 5.45
Summer Rolls
Shrimp or tofu, lettuce, rice noodles, basil and cucumber. Served with a peanut butter sauce
Sweet Potatoes
Tempura 2.00
Egg Rolls
Chicken n Shrimp (2 pcs) Clear noodle, onion, carrot, taro 3.95
(V) Veggie Egg Rolls (2 pcs) Mung bean, sweet potato, taro, clear noodle & cabbage 2.95
Chicken Wings
(6 pcs) 5.45
(8 pcs) 4 veggie and 4 pork dumplings, served with a spicy ponzu sauce Prepared steamed or fried 6.95
Cajun Egg Roll
(2 pcs) blackened chicken, roasted corn & mixed cheese. Roasted red & green pepper. Served with wasabi mayo sauce 4.95
Japanese Poppers
(7 pcs) sweet hot peppers stuffed with crab and cream cheese 6.95
Spring Rolls
(6 pcs) shrimp & veggies served with sweet & sour sauce 6.95
Tofu Tempura
(V) Tofu Tempura 6.95
Mix Veggie Tempura
(V) green peppers, red
peppers, onions, carrots,
broccoli, zucchini & mushrooms 6.95
Shrimp Tempura
Shrimp Tempura (6 pcs) lightly battered fried shrimp. Served with tempura sauce 7.45
Ahi Poki
Hawaiian marinated tuna sashimi. Served with shrimp chips on the side 10.45
*Spicy Tuna, Beef, or Salmon Tataki
Chili seasoned, lightly seared & thinly sliced. Served with ponzu sauce 10.45
Sake Kama
Grilled salmon collar served with Sriracha, lemon and ponzu sauce 6.95
Cajun seasoned flour, fried crispy. Served with aioli sauce 7.95
Cajun Shrimp
Sautéed with Cajun seasonings & lime sauce. Served over chef guacamole with shrimp chips 9.45
Flounder Tempura
lightly battered fried flounder. Served with aioli sauce 5.95
Hamachi Kama
Grilled yellow tail served with Siracha, lemon and ponzu sauce 7.45
Lettuce Wrap
Lettuce Wrap (4 pcs) sautéed chicken & bamboo shoots served on a bed of lettuce 7.95
Broccoli Tempura
(V) Broccoli Tempura 2.00
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